Travel with Confidence

Welcome aboard, Xperitas Parents!

We are thrilled to help you prepare your child for a safe and fun adventure abroad with Xperitas! While your child’s Xperitas experience may still be several months away, there are a few things to plan ahead for to ensure a smooth journey. We look forward to sharing these important to-do items with you each […]

The Reviews Are In!

They’re back! We are happy to report that our 2016 Spring travelers have all returned home, safe and sound! Upon their return to the U.S., we asked our participants to tell us about their experience living with a family and being immersed in the language and culture. We hope that by sharing these testimonials, you and your child will […]

Fly Confidently

It’s almost time to head to the airport! Here’s a checklist to help your child get ready to fly. Twenty-four hours before scheduled departure, check online to confirm that your child’s flight is on time. Check online for any particular security rules at the departure airport. Find out if your carrier charges extra fees for […]

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Family Stay

The Family Stay: Three Points of View

The family stay can be the most daunting part for a student who is considering an international travel experience. While being perhaps the main draw, it is certainly also what causes the most anxiety in the student and their parents, who perhaps for the first time are letting their child go into the unknown alone. I […]


What is “American?”

As your children prepare for their first big trip abroad, their minds naturally flood with questions: What are the French like? What is it like in Germany? Is Spain at all like the U.S.? When we ask those questions, and when we prepare to travel to a new place, it’s important to dig deep and […]

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Culture Shock Isn’t Always Shocking

Many of you have probably already heard about culture shock, and your child’s group may have even started preparing for how to manage it. However, I’m here to tell you that it might be harder to spot than you think! Culture shock is aptly named because it often comes as a result of confrontation with […]

Photo Contest

Each year, Xperitas holds a photo contest to provide an opportunity for our participants to share a snapshot of their travel experience. The best photographs are considered for a $100 prize and public recognition. We had many great entries last year, and it was a difficult choice to pick the top photos in each category! 2015 winners Congratulations […]

Money Matters

Is your child ready to manage money while abroad and to use the currency of the destination country?  Have your teen traveler do some online research to find answers to these questions: What is the currency used in your destination country? What is the exchange rate between U.S. dollars and the local currency? Will you […]

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Culture Corner

As American as Pumpkin Pie

Most U.S. Americans are familiar with the expression “as American as apple pie.” However, it wasn’t until I studied abroad in France (and later lived and worked in France and Belgium) that I realized just how deeply rooted pumpkin pie, and more importantly the Thanksgiving holiday, was in my U.S. American upbringing. The first time […]

Culture Shock

The dictionary defines culture shock as “a condition of anxiety and disorientation that can affect someone suddenly exposed to a new culture.” For teens going abroad, anxiety and disorientation may show up in many ways. Culture shock is a natural response, and it can sneak up on you! Culture shock is not an immediate problem. […]

May Day Around the World

May 1 may evoke memories of building small baskets, filling them with pastel-colored treats or flowers and dropping them on a friend’s doorstep. Maybe you even remember ringing the doorbell and running away to conceal your identity. The United State celebrates May 1 much differently than the rest of the world. In fact, around the […]

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